About Us

The Malta Confederation of Women’s Organisations (MCWO) represents the concerns, needs and interests of women from all walks of life through dialogue and networking at a national, European and international level. The purpose of the Confederation is to integrate and unify all national women’s NGOs and individual members in order to represent Malta at the European Women’s Lobby (EWL) in Brussels, of which it is a full member.

The objectives of the Confederation are to:

  • Act as a national forum where informed reflection and debate on women’s rights lead to concrete recommendations, conclusions and actions;
  • Disseminate best practices in the field of women’s rights in order to guarantee equal opportunities;
  • Contribute towards an improvement of the national policy and strategy vis-à-vis women’s issues;
  • Improve the co-operation between policy makers, NGO’s and individual members working in the field of women’s issues
  • Inform, link and raise awareness of women’s organisations on European issues;
  • Work directly with European institutions to ensure that women’s needs and perspective become an equal and integral part of European policies;
  • Keep MCWO members updated on all national and EU directives, regulations and legislation regarding women’s issues and gender mainstreaming.

The MCWO through its member organisations represents over 24,000 Maltese women and is a full member of the European Women’s Lobby. The Executive members of the Malta Confederation of Women’s Organisations are the following :


Lorraine Spiteri


Mariella Azzopardi

Financial Officer

Anna Borg

2nd Representative at EWL board meetings

Dr. Lara Dimitrijevic

Representative on the EWL Observatory on violence against women

Maryrose Francica



Malta Association of Women in Business Mariella Azzopardi mariella@ovltd.com
Association of Local Councillors Graziella Galea galeagraziella@gmail.com
Group of Independent MCWO Members – GIMMS Maria Bartolo Galea mariabg@vodafone.com.mt
Group of Independent MCWO Members – GIMMS Anna Borg annaborgmalta@gmail.com
Malta Gay Rights Movement – MGRM Gabi Calleja gabicall@maltanet.net
Malta Employers Association Charlotte Camilleri
(Legal Advisor)
Midwives & Nurses – MUMN Maria Cutajar
Antoinette Saliba
Lora Pulliccino
Moviment Azzjoni Socjali Carmelina Debono debonoc@maltanet.net
Malta Association of Women in Business Anna Ferris anna@afe.com.mt
Unjoni Haddiema Maghqudin – UHM Lilian Fiedler lilyen@onvol.net
Foundation for Women Entrepreuners – FEW Maryrose Francica maryrose@women.org.mt
General Workers Union – GWU Margaret Magrin mmagrin@gwu.org.mt
Women’s Study Group Marceline Naudi marceline.naudi@um.edu.mt
Attard Ladies Cultural Club Helen k/a Lydia Sciberras carlyde@maltanet.net
Women’s Study Group – WSG Lorraine Spiteri lorspiteri@gmail.com
Women’s Rights Foundation Lara Dimitrijevic lara.dimitrijevic@gmail.com


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